Christmas Singles: Fun & Romantic Christmas Dating Tips

Christmas is not only a family holiday it is also a great opportunity to build new relationships. Try to make this Christmas unforgettable by inviting your new friend on a Christmas date.

These are our top Christmas date ideas to turn Christmas chores into fun Christmas dates?
Decorate the tree together. Decorating the tree can be a pleasure or just another job on the Christmas list but when you do it with a new date, it can be fun and revealing. What are your date’s memories of childhood? What decorations do they like on a tree? The activity will help you both chat easily and learn far more about each other.
Watch a romantic Christmas movie. After you have bought a DVD for your annual Christmas movie (romantic comedy is the best choice) you can buy some wine, fruits and enjoy a cuddly night in on a Christmas evening.
Prepare a Christmas dinner for just the two of you. I don’t mean making a huge Christmas dinner for your Christmas date. What I do mean is to prepare a small dinner with party food for example, sausage rolls, potato skins, and some cheese and biscuits. Pick up a prepared dessert from your local bakery to make this Christmas date even easier.
View the Christmas Lights. You can go for a romantic Christmas date by going for a late night drive to look at the Christmas lights in your local town. This brings out the magic Christmas atmosphere and gives you a great opportunity for conversation.
Go Christmas Shopping. You still don’t know what Christmas gift to buy for your new partner? Stop thinking and go shopping together. This is another fantastic opportunity to make a Christmas date useful and romantic.
Play in the snow. If it starts to snow, then spend some time outside acting like a kid. Get into a snowball fight, build a snowman, and make angels in the front garden. Just stay away from anything yellow!
Sledging. If you are feeling active take skies or a sledge and go sledging by moonlight down a local hill.
Light a log fire. If you have a fireplace or log burner in your house can light a log fire, especially if you place pine cones between the logs to add a lovely aroma to the fire. Snuggle on the sofa by the glowing fire and toast marshmallows.
Christmas dancing. If you and your date like to dance you can make romantic Christmas date at home. Light candles, put some romantic music on and slow dance privately at home on a cold winter’s evening.
Visit a coffee shop. If you don’t like to cook at home you can go to your favourite coffee shop, or cappuccinos or hot chocolate and talk about your dreams and wishes for 2012.
Plan summer vacations. If you are planning to go on holiday together with your new friend this could be a great Christmas idea. Brew some coffee, put two chairs by the computer and go online and plan and book a spring or summer holiday that you can look forward to together.

We hope some of these ideas are useful and Have a happy and romantic Christmas date!

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